Companies must make quick decisions and act proactively to be competitive in a contemporary business
environment. In order to achieve this successfully and in the right way, the right information is needed
at the right moment.

The first problem that arises is that more and more data is generated which needs to be processed.

The question arises: how does such an enormous data set integrate into one whole and draw out the most important of it, and that is the information?


Providing timely information to business experts and managers is a very important requirement for strategic and operational decisions. Therefore, precise planning, monitoring of all data and information process within the company is a key factor of success for data transparency, their quality and control over increasing the volume of data.

In order to distinguish from all existing data those who are relevant, companies need a business reporting solution. Business Intelligence solutions provide filtering, processing, and displaying business data in a simple, understandable way, so that they can be used to make the right decision. Thanks to a detailed overview of past and current business activities, these solutions make it possible to forecast future trends.

BI application includes integration and data clearing functions, it enables the integration of various data sources into one coherent real time reporting framework or historical reporting and detailed analysis understandable to anyone in your company (employees, managers, executives, as well as customers and partners). We recommend our partners to use Microsoft Power BI solutions as comprehensive, simple and customized for business users.

Microsoft Power BI is an addition to Microsoft's cloud services and is intended for business reporting. Without too much knowledge in data structure or in working with databases, it is possible to provide business reporting in an easy way. Power BI is available, intuitive and easy to use.

Through many years of experience in establishing business analytics and reporting solutions, our experts offer a wide range of functional, methodological and technical knowledge for the effective and efficient implementation of BI projects. Together with our clients we create BI solutions for different departments and / or for the whole company (turnkey).


You determine the number of licenses you need

You have full control and monitoring over the use of BI solutions. Low price per license. As your business grows, the number of licenses increases.

Selection of a large number of visualizations

Choose the right dashboard to best show trends in your data.

Provide advanced analytics

With Power BI Embedded version, you provide the most sophisticated analytics and data exploration without having to build or maintain them yourself

Access from desktop and mobile devices

Users can easily access data from any device


To be the partner of choice through providing innovative & bespoke management reporting tool-kits in our chosen markets by growing trusted relationships with our clients to succeed together. We will continue to develop and implement business solutions to improve our clients' Productivity, Efficiency and Profitability.


To be a trusted and respected business technology partner providing vital business support services to facilitate Business Growth through increased Productivity, Efficiency and Profitability.



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Diginout strive for continuous improvement in our business through the innovation of products, business processes and people.

Better management of your company will be proof!

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